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The Chef Roi Ronen


“Food brings people together and bridges between cultures. My aim, when I cook is to make people happy and create magical moments, tastes and memories that will be engraved forever." From the book "Roi Ronen's kitchen"


Roi Ronen is a Chef, expert in creating culinary experiences and author of "Roi Ronen's kitchen" and of "IT'S A DATE", published in Chinese and in English and was distributed in China in a special edition.


Roi graduated from the Professional Cooking School "Tadmor" and from the Tourism and Hotel Management School "Rupin" in Israel.He successfully completed training sessions in local kitchens in China, in Southeast Asia and participated as a judge in cooking contests in Thailand.


Roi’s food articles were published in the food section of a local newspaper “HaAretz”, distributed in Tel Aviv, Israel. Roi was a food critic in restaurants, service critic in hotels and tourist sites.


Roi established and managed a boutique catering service that provides unique hosting solutions, served as a Chef and a culinary consultant in shops specializing in cooking utensils and cookery.


Currently, Roi provides boutique catering services, offers culinary Tours and  food trips in tel aviv-jaffa markets, culinary products  white culinary stories and tips.

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