Levinsky Market - TLV

Chef Roi Ronen invites you to join him for a culinary experiences an inspiring tour of The Levinsky market, which maintains its long-standing charm, is one of the oldest food complex in Israel.

Between its picturesque Bauhaus buildings, one can enjoy its delicatessen and aroma-filled shops.Join Chef Roi Ronen on a journey of shopping and inspiration.Let him introduce you to charming merchants in spices and dry fruits shops and savor unique dishes in leading cheese, fish, olives and pickles delis, reserved to experts only.

Chef Roi Ronen will related on how best to choose spices and high quality ingredients, will give you tips for healthy and delicious cooking and will lead you to places, he himself buys his own products.Join this amazing experience, in which all your senses will awaken in light of the flavors, colors and aromas offered. the most recommended Tours: the taste of Tel aviv, Savor levinsky Market, privet chef Tour in Tel aviv.

Tasting Tour in Levinsky  market

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